Experts say that if the Chinese continue to consume ivory at their current rate, elephants will be extinct in just ten years. In this film, Rageh Omar went to Africa and South East Asia in search of the smugglers and criminal syndicates fuelling the demand.

At the time, this co-production between the BBC Natural History Unit for Discovery Channel and Panorama was Panorama’s biggest budget film. I went through more than 250 hours of rushes and archive. The main film for Panorama was also used as the basis for the Discovery one hour.

                                                  Plum Pictures

A fantastic series, George Clarke explored the extraordinary world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live, work and play. Series 3.

    The Great British Bake Off BBC2 - 1hr 
                     Series 2 Editor

                   Love Productions

The Great British Bake Off sees twelve passionate home bakers take part in a baking contest to test every aspect of their skills as they battle to be crowned best amateur baker. Multiple cameras and many streams of sound were used in the making of this series. A real team effort of producer and editor was required to bring the tension to a peak.

                      Stacey Solomon 
     Depression Teen Mums & Me BBC3 - 1hr
             Blacklist Britain BBC1 - 30 mins

                                     Quicksilver Media

A disturbing journey into the South African underworld of ritual killings, called Muti murder for the Unreported World series. Adults and children are killed for their body parts in the name of medicine.

For years some of the biggest names in British business subscribed to a secret blacklist - containing thousands of names - with the power to deny work and destroy livelihoods.  Reporter Richard Bilton secured the first television interview with the bookkeeper for the organisation which ran the list.

                              October Films

A Dispatches undercover investigation in to the working conditions of clothing manufacturing units in the UK, exposing the real human cost behind high street fashion. This programme made front page headlines.


An extremely complicated edit that took a week to finish in final post. Multi-layers were created in order to give a Spooks-esq feel. Panorama examined how powers granted to police, intended to halt terrorists, were being used instead to curb legitimate forms of protests. This film won praise from senior BBC executives for its dramatic style.

Alan Johnston, the BBC’s former Gaza Correspondent, talked for the first time about his 114 days in captivity after being abducted by armed gunmen in Gaza City. This was a highly pressurised edit, which had to be completed in a short time. I was left to create most of the dramatic scenes and to weave in contributors’ interviews so the director could continue to shoot abroad. This was edited in a filmic style full of dramatic sequences and evocations.
       Blood Ivory - Out of Africa  BBC1 - 1hr

Stacey Solomon bravely embarks on a journey to highlight an illness she silently suffered suffered from. Post Natal Depression is a condition that can have potentially fatal consequences. She sets out to overcome the social stigma that surrounds a condition that she believes should never be dismissed as 'the baby blues.

“One of the best and most important films Channel 4 has ever commissioned. I am just overwhelmingly grateful to you all.”

Dorothy Byrne Channel 4 
Head of News & Current Affairs

Grierson Award: Best Documentary on Current Affairs 2014
Entered for an International Emmy award, a Peabody award and a US Emmy Craft Award.

This powerful story was brought to the world on the eve of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Hunted tells the story of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Russia in 2014, their struggle against homophobia, and the daily beatings they endure.

As part of a great team, I picked up on the visual narrative of each of the films’ characters, neither flinching from nor sensationalising this appalling story. I played an integral part in shaping the narrative in order to tell their stories in the most compelling way.

This film had an amazing response stateside when it had a cinema release with HBO Documentaries.

    Blakeway Productions
            The Lion’s Last Roar BBC2 - 1hr
  The Super-Rich and Us  BBC1 - 1hr Ep 2

                       Fresh One Productions


Part two of a series about the extraordinary inequality gap that has grown between the “haves, have nots and have yachts“.

An extremely complex edit. It was an uphill challenge to create and maintain a constant visual narrative that dovetailed with the ever-expanding narrative. It tells how bankers identified a business opportunity to turn inequality into cash cow for the super-rich and how, after the 2010 financial crisis and bailout, the super rich got richer, while the other social classes suffered and continue to do so.

                    Blakeway Productions
'’A fascinating and complex study, which exposes a great deal of the muddled thinking that fatally undermined the decision to send troops to Afghanistan'’ 
Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph

This two-part documentary tells the story of the conflict in Afghanistan,
and reveals an account of misplaced hope and confused aims that quickly led to the very real threat of a catastrophic defeat. It explores what went wrong during the early years of a confused campaign that cost 453 British lives, with first-hand accounts and admissions by very high-ranking officers from the British Army. 
”This is a serious, considered testimony from witnesses to history” FT “A timely reminder of the dangerous disconnect between Whitehall and the battlefield" Daily Telegraph
             black power 
                              America’s Armed Resistance 
                        BBC1 & BBC3 - 1hr

The US police kill more people in days than other nations’ police forces do in years. In 2015 police in the US killed 1,146 people. A large number of them were African Americans. Some were shot dead for no apparent reason other than the colour of their skin. Many were unarmed, some were children. Victims include a man having a heart attack, and a man who was mentally ill and calmly waiting with his elderly mother to be transported to hospital.

Dan Murdoch, a young self-shooter who previously filmed with the KKK, travels to Charleston and Dallas in the Deep South, where hate crimes against black people have galvanised the African American community to unite. He meets an activist who carries a gun while driving his five children home to protect himself against the police. Dan also follows an armed militia group who patrol the streets of their neighbourhood to protect residents from police brutality.

This film was made when the American government had stopped counting killings by police, leaving this to respected journalists to add up.

I was brought in to edit the film in a sensitive style that engages a British audience who may never have experienced police brutality and racism. A six week edit was challenging with the sync of a large cast to go through and countless recordings on mobile phones and police body cams of police violence and killing. I edit produced the film reflecting the mood and the contributor’s struggle. Originally for BBC3, this film was deemed hard hitting and compelling enough for BBC1. 

              Alex Pascall GBFTE
    Programme Credits 2007 - 2016
                              ITN Productions

Since leaving office in 2007, former PM Tony Blair is reputed to have made £100 million. The Blair Rich Project was broadcast just ahead the publication of Sir John Chilcot’s report into Britain’s invasion of Iraq in 2003. Tony Blair’s role in going to war is dissected by a top former civil servant. 
This film also looks at how Blair and wife Cherie have amassed so much wealth and critics ask whether some of their business dealings are morally questionable. The film ponders how much of brand Blair will be affected by the Chilcot judgement, or if afterwards it will be business as usual.
Married At First Sight is a social experiment. Participants are carefully matched with partners and they must all agree to marry that person on their first meeting. The couples prepare to enter into a legally-binding marriage with a complete stranger – meeting for the very first time at their own wedding.
This six week edit was a very short considering the volume of rushes that needed to be mined for the best and the worst of this controversial experiment.
The cameras followed the couples during the first weeks of their relationship as they share their honeymoon and then their daily lives with a complete stranger. 

                          Chalkboard TV

4,500 miles away from the UK in the Caribbean lies a slice of British paradise: the Cayman islands, watched over by a Whitehall appointed governor. The Caymans are an off shore tax haven. 

Thousands of businesses you might think of as British or American, are officially registered in the Caymans: including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, BP, the National Grid, Barclays, Manchester United, Facebook and Disney. Consequently, they pay no tax on profits.

One office building actually houses 20,000 businesses. Not surprisingly, presenter Jacques Peretti is not allowed in.  He discovers this is perfectly legal and there is little political will within our government in Westminster to change this. Legal tax avoidance keeps £20 billion away from the UK treasury each year.

Shockingly, many locals on the Caymans struggle to meet ends meet. There is no NHS to look after them and Jacques meets a family living in ill health and squalor. .

This film posed many challenges in edit, the hardest was marrying current affairs with factual entertainment work. We needed to make a compelling programme that drew the viewer in with striking images and allow the story to speak for itself. 

     The Blair Rich Project Channel 5 - 1hr
 Britain’s Trillion Pound Island BBC2 - 1hr
            Troll hunters BBC3 - 1hr

                           Chalkboard TV


I have made a number of films for BBC3. In this one, high profile beauty blogger Em Ford tells of being a victim of online abuse and how she  fought back. Now she is on the trail of the trolls responsible for the abuse.

       Truth, Lies & Conspiracies
                 ITV1& BBC Worldwide - 1hr

Fifteen years after the September 11 atrocities, victims’ families have brought about a Class Action lawsuit against the Saudi government: 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis. 

This Blakeway documentary includes in depth interviews with families and lawyers investigating serious concerns that the real story of that fateful day has yet to be told.

A senior politician and people who worked inside the intelligence agencies at the time of the 9/11 discuss their belief of a cover-up that goes straight to the top. They cite a lack of information sharing between the CIA, FBI and NSA and assert that the US government suppressed information.

Several conspiracy theories, which emerged in the absence of credible explanations, are explored.

I was tasked with coming up with a visual style and motifs to carry us through the film. I worked closely with graphic designers from Trainor Davies to help them to create the look and style of the graphics. I was also tasked with scoring this film with commercial tracks that captured the emotions and stories being told without glamourising or editorialising. I then working closely with Jon Nicholls, a Prix Italia nominated composer, who re-created the soundtrack for this film based on my selections.


Ep 2 The capital of Sri Lanka is forging a new identity. A fashion designer, a celebrity chef and an ex-pat show you why Colombo has become the fastest-growing city destination in the world.

Passport is a five-part travel series with a difference for Economist Films’ online content. Each episode puts the viewer in the hands of several local hosts with intimate knowledge of their home turf. They go off the beaten track to discover the essence of the city, revealing places and experiences that might otherwise go unnoticed — but are accessible to any visitor who knows where to look.

I edited each of the five short films and all were a joy to work on. We were a small, but efficient team, who worked well together from the outset. Before filming took place, I liaised closely with the producer and Director of Photography about filming techniques.

The films were all carefully researched and shot beautifully, allowing me to craft them, using only the best material. Some of my best work is on display here and no more so in our film about Osaka in Japan where we visit the city’s daily fish market, a Hozenji temple and a public bathhouse known as a Sento.

Its mission is to take the cultural pulse of each destination, challenging preconceptions and enticing viewers to visit and learn more for themselves.

Ep1 An iconic drag queen, a Cuban singer and a beach-runner, take you on an insider’s tour, capturing the energy and diversity of Miami, a city known more for its party scene than its rich history.

Ep 3 A tour of Argentina's capital with a street artist, a polo player and a dancer. We discover a secret restaurant and bar that you can only access if you are in the know.

                      ITN Productions

Reporter Matt Frei hits the Trump campaign trail speaking to the celebrity wanna-be-politician’s growing army of exuberant supporters as well as Republican party critics. We learn that Hillary Clinton and her husband attended one of Trump’s weddings and that he used to support the Democrats. Frei also meets Scots aggrieved by Trump’s behaviour when he developed a golf course on the east coast of Scotland.
                           Keo Films

Simon Jack's father took his own life when he was 44. Now the same age, Simon investigates the circumstances around his Dad's death and why more middle-aged men kill themselves than any other group. This was an important documentary to work on because it uncovered why so many men are reluctant to talk about issues such as stress and depression and showed how crucial this is.
The Mad World Of Donald Trump - Channel 4 1hr
   A Suicide in the Family Panorama - 30 min
             The Supergamers BBC3 - 1hr
                      Blakeway TV

This documentary opens the door to the world of e-sports, which is virtually invisible to the outside world. The film is presented by You Tube star and gaming addict Dan Howell, who follows three young British gamers at different stages of their careers, all of whom dream of making it to the top. Dan travels to international gaming competitions held in football stadiums where winners can make hundred of thousands of pounds in prize money and corporate sponsorship.
  Married At First Sight Ep3 Channel 4 - 1hr
                  Hunted Channel 4 and HBO - 1hr
        George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces  
                   Series 3 -1hr
Exclusive TV

Films Of Record

South Africa: Body Parts For Sale Channel 4 - 30 mins
  Fashion’s Dirty Little Secret Channel 4 - 1hr

  Whatever Happened to People Power BBC1 - 30 mins

       Alan Johnston Kidnapped 
     BBC1 - 1hr Panorama Special

Ep 4 Japan’s second city has become the country's fastest growing tourist hotspot. Famed for its food, Osaka stands apart from other cities in Japan. A sushi chef, a poet and a tattoo artist show us why their city is the top choice for the culturally curious visitor in the latest episode of our Passport travel series.