BUENOS AIRES

Passport is a five-part travel series with a difference for Economist Films’ online content. Each episode puts the viewer in the hands of several local hosts with intimate knowledge of their home turf. They go off the beaten track to discover the essence of the city, revealing places and experiences that might otherwise go unnoticed — but are accessible to any visitor who knows where to look.

I edited each of the five short films and all were a joy to work on. We were a small, but efficient team, who worked well together from the outset. Before filming took place, I liaised closely with the producer and Director of Photography about filming techniques.

The films were all carefully researched and shot beautifully, allowing me to craft them, using only the best material. Some of my best work is on display here and no more so in our film about Osaka in Japan where we visit the city’s daily fish market, a Hozenji temple and a public bathhouse known as a Sento.

Its mission is to take the cultural pulse of each destination, challenging preconceptions and enticing viewers to visit and learn more for themselves.

Ep1 An iconic drag queen, a Cuban singer and a beach-runner, take you on an insider’s tour, capturing the energy and diversity of Miami, a city known more for its party scene than its rich history.

Ep 2 The capital of Sri Lanka is forging a new identity. A fashion designer, a celebrity chef and an ex-pat show you why Colombo has become the fastest-growing city destination in the world.

Ep 3 A tour of Argentina's capital with a street artist, a polo player and a dancer. We discover a secret restaurant and bar that you can only access if you are in the know.

Ep 4 Japan’s second city has become the country's fastest growing tourist hotspot. Famed for its food, Osaka stands apart from other cities in Japan. A sushi chef, a poet and a tattoo artist show us why their city is the top choice for the culturally curious visitor in the latest episode of our Passport travel series.