Mixed up in the Middle East

In this observational documentary, a young woman with a Arab Muslim father and a Jewish mother travels to Israel to try to understand the conflict in the Middle East.

This film was a fine balance of sensitivity toward the subject matter. It showed not only the complicated divisions within Israel and Palestine, but the divide within the presenter’s family. The challenge for me was to help the producer to show this conflict in a balanced way while at the same time telling things as they are. Made for BBC Belfast, it won praise from Clive Edwards the BBC Executive Editor & Commissioning Editor for Current Affairs.

It was fantastic to see current affairs on BBC-3 tackling the most difficult and politically sensitive story of all and delivering such a sure-footed and yet also powerful piece. I thought you found a great cast list of interviewees and brought out their stories and the issues behind them very well. It felt like a real journey of discovery for the BBC-3 audience and there were many revealing and moving moments woven together into a really enjoyable and thought-provoking watch.”

Clive Edwards, BBC Executive Editor & Commissioning Editor, TV Current Affairs