Chalkboard TV

4,500 miles away from the UK in the Caribbean lies a slice of British paradise: the Cayman islands, watched over by a Whitehall appointed governor. The Caymans are an off shore tax haven. 

Thousands of businesses you might think of as British or American, are officially registered in the Caymans: including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, BP, the National Grid, Barclays, Manchester United, Facebook and Disney. Consequently, they pay no tax on profits.

One office building actually houses 20,000 businesses. Not surprisingly, presenter Jacques Peretti is not allowed in.  He discovers this is perfectly legal and there is little political will within our government in Westminster to change this. Legal tax avoidance keeps £20 billion away from the UK treasury each year.

Shockingly, many locals on the Caymans struggle to meet ends meet. There is no NHS to look after them and Jacques meets a family living in ill health and squalor. .

This film posed many challenges in edit, the hardest was marrying current affairs with factual entertainment work. We needed to make a compelling programme that drew the viewer in with striking images and allow the story to speak for itself.