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I’m passionate about editing and I bring the same enthusiasm and commitment to each programme I edit.

I like to think that I am not just an editor. I strive to help the producer/ director make sure that the finished film has the best possible content and visual appeal. I take a genuine interest in the journalistic side of story telling, as well as the visual narrative and I can deliver very quickly under pressure.

I have worked across the terrestrial platforms for BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, ITV, Channel 4 and National Geographic Channel. I have been fortunate to be involved in some very successful documentaries, current affairs programmes and films from the Great British Bake Off series to a gripping, filmic account of captured BBC reporter Alan Johnson’s time as a hostage - Life Interrupted.

“One of the best and most important films Channel Four has ever commissioned. I am just overwhelmingly grateful to you all.”

Dorothy Byrne Channel 4 
Head of News & Current Affairs

This powerful story was brought to the world on the eve of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Hunted tells the story of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Russia in 2014, their struggle against homophobia, and the daily beatings they endure.

As part of a great team, I picked up on the visual narrative of each of the films’ characters, neither flinching from nor sensationalising this appalling story. I played an integral part in shaping the narrative in order to tell their stories in the most compelling way.

This film had an amazing response on twitter, #Hunted. It took a 4.9% audience share.

          Britain’s Homecare Scandal BBC1 - 1hr

  Winner BAFTA SCOTLAND 2009 News & Current Affairs

One of the programmes I am most proud of is a one-hour Panorama documentary Britain’s Homecare Scandal. It won a Scottish BAFTA, and was the culmination of a nine-month undercover investigation, exposing chaos and neglect in the care of elderly. It was praised as powerful, emotive expose and a shocking snapshot of domiciliary care across the UK. This was an extremely challenging film to edit. I was brought in to get the edit back on track. Long hours were spent editing under immense pressure to an extremely tight deadline.

                  Classroom Secrets BBC1 - 1hr

                         Love Productions


“This is the highest audience share of any ‘Panorama’ this year, 2.4 million average share - for a programme coming off air at 11.35pm - is a huge achievement.”

Tom Giles

Editor of Panorama

This film was a parents evening with a twist. Parents of children in a Leicester primary school were given a rare opportunity to see how their children really behaved in class. A Year 4 classroom was fitted with fixed cameras and filmed over the course of one week, with shocking results - a real eye opener for any parent. This edit involved 16 streams of sound and eight cameras to capture every moment.

              Mixed up in the Middle East - 1 hr

In this observational documentary a young woman with a Arab Muslim father and a Jewish mother travels to Israel to try to understand the conflict in the Middle East.

This film was a fine balance of sensitivity toward the subject matter. It showed not only the complicated divisions within Israel and Palestine, but the divide within the presenter’s family.

The challenge for me was to help the producer to show this conflict in a balanced way while at the same time telling things as they are. Made for BBC Belfast, it won praise from Clive Edwards BBC Executive Editor & Commissioning Editor for Current Affairs.

“It was fantastic to see current affairs on BBC3 tackling the most difficult and politically sensitive story of all and delivering such a sure-footed and yet also powerful piece. I thought you found a great cast list of interviewees and brought out their stories and the issues behind them very well. It felt like a real journey of discovery for the BBC3 audience and there were many revealing and moving moments woven together into a really enjoyable and thought-provoking watch.”

Clive Edwards, BBC Executive Editor & Commissioning Editor, TV Current Affairs


                HUNTED CH4 - 1hr

              Blakeway Productions



In the past my skills have been put to the test making 30 minute & 1 hour current affairs programmes every week to extremely tight changing deadlines for Tonight with Trevor McDonald, as part of a very experienced team. I was responsible for grading, graphics, the voice record and the final dub, sometimes editing through the night. As fierce and exhausting and intense as it was, I had to bring to the fore all of my experience in a number of genres, gained over 15 years editing news and promos.

I come from a very musical family and am really interested in a wide range of music. I take a keen interest in helping my producer/ director through the difficult process of selecting the most suitable tracks that complement the narrative and visuals, helping to create the right atmosphere and effect. I keep up to date with the latest creative visual techniques and I can also assist with graphics. In addition, I am also accustomed to working alone edit producing when required.

I am a graduate of Ravensbourne School of Television, which has given me an excellent grounding in PSC cameras, PED studio cameras, lighting sound and vision mixing and engineering and problem solving.

I spent my formative years at ITV working on five live daily programmes for Granada TV and news editing for London News Network, as well as editing in satellite trucks, all of which gave me a very good working knowledge of the various aspects and difficulties that can be encountered in making television programmes.

                             THE FUTURE


I am very interested in making drama documentaries and

ob docs, that is where my creative talents could be most fully utilised, incorporating my visual as well as musical ability and my thirst for making compelling, entertaining and informative television in an ever demanding industry.